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Jolly Roger - Agribiotech Industries Limited (ABIL), Jaipur (in~3)
Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger (in~3)


Agribiotech Industries ltd. is one of the largest Distillery of Rajasthan established in 2007 and producing Extra Neutral Alchohol , Rectified Spirits and Country Liquor. We were also doing bottling for ABD’s Officer Choice Whisky. It was only in year 2012 , Agribiotech Industries started to producing and started doing marketing for One of the most Prestigious Company Mohan Meakin Ltd.

We are the largest supplier of ENA to all the Liquor companies and Bottling Units situated in Rajasthan Selling in Civil Market as well as leader in CSD and Para Military forces.

[Source: Company's web site (relevant page), cited 2014]

The company produces Jolly Roger Rum for Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd.

[Source: The label]

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in~3: Jolly Roger; Premium XXX Rum; Blended with Jamaican Rum; Smooth & Strong; 750 ml; 42.8% v/v., 25° UP, 75° Proof; 8901544017221

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