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Hercules XXX Rum - Khoday (in_7)
I have a picture only:(

Hercules XXX Rum (in_7)

I have a picture only:(
Hercules White Rum - Khoday (in205)
Hercules White Rum

Hercules White Rum (in205)

113 x 144 mm (4.5" x 5.7")
Khoday's XXX Rum - Khoday (in142)
Khoday's XXX Rum

Khoday’s XXX Rum (in142)

138 x 112 mm (5.4" x 4.4")


The House of Khodays started in 1906 with traditional activities such as silk spinning and weaving. Later it diversified into a large number of areas including distilleries.

[Source: (relevant page), cited 2000]

Here are full texts from the labels

in_7: Hercules XXX Rum

in205: Khoday's Registered Trade Mark; Hercules Superior White Rum; Bianco; Distilled, Blended and Bottled in the Excise B.W.H. by Khoday Breweries Limited for Khoday Distilleries, Bangalore, India; 750 ml; 75° Proof; For sale to A.P.B.C.L. (A.P.) only; Not for sale in Karnataka; B. No. 2777; DT 30.5.97

in142: For sale in Karnataka; Khoday's XXX Rum; Distilled, Blended and Bottled in the Excersise Bonded Warehouse; Strength 75°; Produce of cane; Khoday R. C. A. Industries, Bangalore; Quart; 750 ml

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