Caesar Etiketten, Trittenheim (printer)

Rum labels

Jamaica Rum - No 2802 - Caesar Etiketten, Trittenheim (de186)
Jamaica Rum - No 2802

Jamaica Rum - No 2802 (de186)

99 x 129 mm (3.9" x 5.1")
Jamaika Rum Verschnitt - No 2823 - Caesar Etiketten, Trittenheim (de462)
Jamaika Rum Verschnitt - No 2823

Jamaika Rum Verschnitt - No 2823 (de462)

75 x 93 mm (3" x 3.7")


The list of German printers includes the company Caesar, Traben-Trarbach.

The printing house was taken over by Druckerei Nilles GmbH in the 1990s.

[Source: Volksfreund (det), cited 2021]

Here are full texts from the labels

de186: 73% vol; Jamaica Rum; HolmKellerei - Flensburg; Caesar, 2802

de462: Jamaika Rum Verschnitt; Prozent; Volumen; Caesar; 2823

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