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Barbados Rum
Barbados Rum
Barbados Rum
Barbados Rum
Barbados Rum
Barbados Rum
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Company was established in 1901.

On the waterfront, just north of Bridgetown, the West Indies Rum Refinery Ltd. has been a pioneer in scientific rum making since 1893. All of the alcohol distilled in Barbados, except that made by Mount Gay Distillers Ltd., is made here. The West Indies Rum Refinery makes alcohol for bottlers on this island and others around the world, but does not bottle any of its own products.

Distillery was operating in 1997.

The Government of Jamaica is pleased to announce the restructuring of the State-Owned National Rums of Jamaica Ltd., (NRJ) the holding company of Clarendon Distillers Ltd., Long Pond Distillers Ltd. and Innswood Distillery Ltd. (collectively the NRJ Group).

Under agreements signed with Demerara Distillers Ltd. of Guyana, The West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. (a subsidiary of Goddard Enterprises Ltd. of Barbados) and DIAGEO North America Inc. (a subsidiary of Diageo PLC the World's largest Spirit Company), the three investors will bring new equity investments totaling U.S.$5.368 million to the NRJ Group.

With the injection of this new capital, Demerara Distillers Ltd., The West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. and the State-Owned National Sugar Company Ltd. will each own 33.3 per cent of the shares in NRJ.

NRJ will hold 73 per cent of the shares in Clarendon Distillers Ltd. at Monymusk with 27 per cent held by Diageo North America Inc., through its subsidiary Trelawny Estates Ltd. Long Pond Distillers Ltd. and Inswood Distillery Ltd. will continue to be wholly-owned subsidiaries of NRJ.

This new investment capital along with funding from the European Union's Integrated Development Programme for the Caribbean rum sector will be utilised to finance a major modernisation and expansion programme of the NRJ Group. NRJ, which is a leading supplier of Jamaican bulk rum, is also looking to develop a brand portfolio in order to facilitate its entry into the value-added market.

The board of directors of NRJ will be restructured to include representatives of the new investors and we wish to record our thanks to the long standing outgoing chairman Mr. Howard Hamilton who has kindly consented to remain on the board. Mr. Evon Brown will also continue as group CEO and a director of NRJ and its subsidiaries.

[Die Quelle: Jamaica Gleaner News, cit. 2006]

With a current employee complement of 65, the West Indies Rum Distillery's operation includes a distillery, an aging and distribution warehouse and a bottling plant. The distillery has a production capacity of approximately 13,000,000 litres of pure alcohol a year and is capable of warehousing 1,500,000 litres of bulk storage in stainless steel tanks and 20,000 American White Oak barrels of 200 litres each.

The West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. boasts a bottling capacity of 150,000 cases per year. The automatic bottling line handles 60 bottles per minute and the semi-automatic line 30 bottles per minute.

Cockspur, Malibu, Gilbeys and Popov are the main bottled products in several sizes and are bottled from 50 ml., 200 ml., 300 ml., 375 ml. and 750 ml. to 1 litre, 1.75 litres, 3.8 litres and 19 litres.

[Die Quelle: Goddard Enterprises Ltd, cit. 2008]

Rockley is former sugar estate and distillery of Barbados. The original pot still continues in production in the West Indian Rum Rafinery at Blackrock.

[Die Quelle: Wordsworth Dictionary of Drink by Ned Halley, cit. 2005]


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bb97: Barbados Rum; West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd., Brighton, Black Rock, Barbados, West Indies; 70 cl; 38% vol

bb96: Barbados Rum; West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd., Brighton, Black Rock, Barbados, West Indies; Aged in oak casks for 8 years; 35 cl; 50% vol

bb_18: Barbados Rum; West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd., Brighton, Black Rock, Barbados, West Indies; 35 cl; 50% vol

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