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Barcelo Marques & Co

Palo Viejo
Palo Viejo
Palo Viejo
Palo Viejo
Palo Viejo 151
Palo Viejo 151

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Serrallés took its big leap forward in 1985 when it acquired the assets of Puerto Rico Distillers, Inc., a subsidiary of the giant Canadian liquor firm Joseph E. Seagram and Sons Ltd. The acquisition of Seagram's manufacturing facilities in the towns of Camuy and Arecibo, as well as the brand names sold locally by that firm (Palo Viejo, Ron Llave and Granado), enabled Serrallés to more than double its sales volume.

[Die Quelle: The Rum Experience by Luis Ayala, 2001, p.117]

In addition to White and Gold Don Q and premium El Dorado rum bottled in Mercedita, Serralles ages and bottles Palo Viejo, Ron Llave, Ron Granado, Ronrico, and Captain Morgan in Camuy. (The latter under a manufacturing agreement with Seagrams.)

[Die Quelle: The Complete Guide to Rum by Ed Hamilton, 1997, p.239]

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pr64: Palo Viejo; 4/5 Pint; 80 Proof; Distilled Puerto Rican Rum; Produced & Bottled at Caumy, P.R. by Barcelo Marques & Co.

pr5: Palo Viejo; Ron de Puerto Rico; Rum produced by Barcelo Marques & Co., San Juan, Puerto Rico; 40% alc/vol (80 Proof)

pr6: 151; Palo Viejo; Ron de Puerto Rico; Rum produced by Barcelo Marques & Co., Caumy, Puerto Rico; 75.5% alc/vol (151 Proof)

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