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Charbay Winery and Distillery, St. Helena, CA

Charbay Rum
Charbay Rum
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Charbay Vanilla Rum
Charbay Vanilla Rum
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Allow me to introduce you to Domaine Charbay and explain to you our process of winemaking and distillation. The four of us, my wife Susan, our son Marko, our daughter Lara, and I handle the entire operation.. Our primary expertise and interests are in fermentation, distillation and personal hospitality. Before we get into details of Domaine Charbay winemaking and distillation let me first fill you in on a little bit of history of distillation.

Charbay Winery & Distillery is owned and operated by Miles, Susan, Lara and Marko Karakasevic. Since 1983, the family has been known for small, handcrafted releases of luxury wines, ports, brandies, spirits and liqueurs. Miles, a European-trained professional Winemaker and Master Distiller, traces his family tradition back over 250 years to 1751 in former-Yugoslavia. He has been involved with winemaking and distilling since he was a child.

Marko, following a classical European apprenticeship with his father, is the family’s 13th generation to carry on the tradition of winemaking and distilling. Marko’s vision ignited CHARBAY Vodka and CHARBAY Whiskey. He has been distilling since he was 10.

The "Still on the Hill" is where the family lives and works—amidst peaceful pine trees on Spring Mountain, overlooking the Napa Valley ...where you'd expect a Still to be. Creativity is grounded with a powerful professional background. The family is committed to exception quality ingredients and fermenting/distilling techniques. The main production still, a classic Alambic Charentais Pot Still, is located an hour north, in Mendocino County.

When you visit, they bring alive the history and everyday life of winemaking and distilling spirits. It’s a way of life they like to share.

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us_147: Charbay Tropical Islands' Cane Rum; Triple Pot Distilled; Extra Smooth, Silky & Rich Exotic Tropical Islands' Cane Syrup; Hand Triple Distilled at Our Family Alambic Microdistillery in Northen California; 40% alc/vol (80 Proof)

us_146: Charbay flavored with Whole Beam Tahitian Vanilla Rum; Triple Pot Distilled; Extra Smooth, Silky & Rich Exotic Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance; Hand Triple Distilled at Our Family Alambic Microdistillery in Northen California; 35% alc/vol (70 Proof)

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