Here is list of companies whose rum bottle labels I have in my collection

Arcane Rum (4)
Blue Mauritius (6)
Distillerie Chamarel, Black River (12)
Coconut LTD, Grand Baie (1)
Emperor Rum Distribution Ltd, Domaine de Mont Calme, Tamarin (5)
Gilbeys (Mauritius)/International Distillers (Mauritius) Ltd. (10)
New Goodwill Co. Ltd., Port Louis (2)
Grays & Co., Beau Plan (26)
Island Snake Rum (3)
Italpro Development, Vacoas (1)
Litchquor Ltd, Petit Raffray (7)
Medine Sugar Estates Co. (4)
E.C. Oxenham (2)
Domaine Les Pailles (1)
Saint Aubin (3)
Stanford Cove, Triolet (9)
United Spirits Producers Ltd., Bambous (4)

There were three rum distilleries in Mauritius in 1982; St Antoine Distillery, Goodlands; the OK Distillery attached to Solitude sugar factory, Triolet; and the Medine Distillery, Bambous.

Excelsior United Devel. Companies (EUDOCS) with Médine distillery was established in 1926;

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