Miranda, Griffith

Rum labels

Rovalley Rum Port - Miranda, Griffith (au20)
Rovalley Rum Port

Rovalley Rum Port

106 x 116 mm (4.2" x 4.6")
Rummy Port - Miranda, Griffith (au21)
Rummy Port

Rummy Port

112 x 61 mm (4.4" x 2.4")

Here are full texts from the labels

au20: Rovalley Rum Port; Horatio Nelson; Rovalley Estates, Rowland Flat, South Aust, Australia; Flavour added; Preservation (22) added; Barossa Valley

au21: Miranda Rummy Port; Product of Australia; Miranda Wines, 57 Jondary ave., Griffith, N.S.W., 2680; Preservative (220) added

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