New Yarmouth Sugar Estate, Clarendon


According to the 1817 Jamaica Almanac, the New Yarmouth Sugar Estate had 220 slaves and 203 cattle. The sugar mill was extensive and the cane rollers were driven by wind power provided by a substantial stone wind mill tower. By 1831 there were 236 slaves, in 1838 there were 186 apprentices and the 1845 Jamaica Almanac reported that the estate consisted of 852 acres.

Wray and Nephew now operate almost 4500 hectares of plantation land and two distilleries on Jamaica. One is Appleton, the other New Yarmouth in the Clarendon Parish, where the unaged Wray & Nephew Overproof rum is produced (other brands produced at New Yarmouth include Coruba, Conquering Lion, Charly’s JB and Edwin Charley).

[Source: Single Cask Rum (det), cited 2019]

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