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Elements 8 Platinum Rum - Elements 8 Rum Company Ltd (lc_16)
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Elements 8 Platinum Rum (lc_16)

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Source: www.royalmilewhiskies.com
Elements 8 Gold Rum - Elements 8 Rum Company Ltd (lc_17)
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Elements 8 Gold Rum (lc_17)

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Source: www.royalmilewhiskies.com


The name refers to the 8 elements necessary for luxury rum production - environment, cane, water, yeast, distillation, tropical ageing, hand blending, filtration - and essentially describes the craftsmanship that goes in to rum making.

The rums are produced by St. Lucia Distillers - the oldest distillery in St. Lucia - from hand selected and hand harvested, premium sugar cane grown in Guyana.

They are produced with water from St. Lucia's rain forest, that is naturally filtered as it flows through miles of underground volcanic rock formations.

The rums are fermented in 3 separate batches, using 3 different yeast strains (i.e. each batch uses a separate yeast strain). Each yeast strain imparts a unique flavor in to the rums, and E8 are the only rums to utilize 3 strains of yeast in our production.

The rums are distilled using 3 different distillation methods - a 'John Dore' Pot still (often referred to as the Rolls Royce of pot stills) that produces very heavy, flavorful and pungent rums. A column still that produces lightly flavored and light bodied rums, and a Vendome Kentucky Bourbon Pot still that produces pot still rums which have a very unique flavor and are not as heavy and pungent as the John Dore pot still rums. It is the combination of these 3 styles of rums that contribute to unique flavors.

Both rums are aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. The Platinum rum is aged for 4 years, the Gold rum is aged for 6 years.

Hand blended together by a master blender using over 10 different types of rums.

They are then both charcoal filtrated. The Platinum undergoes a heavy charcoal filtration to remove all color, remove any residual impurities and render it crystal clear. The gold is also charcoal filtrated but only to remove residual impurities but retain its golden amber glow.

The first rum brand to challenge the traditional rum category by using innovative contemporary packaging, which is backed up by super premium quality rums. No compromises on packing and liquid.

Gold - voted as best rum for mojito in bartender blind tasting for 'Imbibe' magazine.
- voted as second best rum, out of 23, in blind bartender tasting for Mixology magazine (Germany)
- Silver medal 2007 San Francisco Spirits Competition

[Source: The Royal Mile Whiskies, cited 2008]

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lc_16: Elements 8 Platinum Rum

lc_17: Elements 8 Gold Rum

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