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Gaston Hardy


Rum labels

Rhum Blanc -  Gaston Hardy (mq207)
Rhum Blanc

Rhum Blanc

109 x 150 mm (4.3" x 5.9")
Rhum Agricole Blanc -  Gaston Hardy (mq_6)
Rhum Agricole Blanc

Rhum Agricole Blanc

Rhum Blanc -  Gaston Hardy (mq325)
Rhum Blanc

Rhum Blanc

42 x 56 mm (1.7" x 2.2")
Rhum Paille -  Gaston Hardy (mq200)
Rhum Paille

Rhum Paille

110 x 151 mm (4.3" x 5.9")
Rhum Agricole Paille -  Gaston Hardy (mq_7)
Rhum Agricole Paille

Rhum Agricole Paille

Tartane Rhum Vieux -  Gaston Hardy (mq470)
Tartane Rhum Vieux

Tartane Rhum Vieux

95 x 122 mm (3.7" x 4.8")


Bonneville family built near Tartane a sugar mill with distillery in 1830. In 1860 installed Emilien Bonneville a steam engine, which was used up to 1950, untill the sugar mil was working. Mr. Bonneville sold the distillery in 1905 to Gaston Hardy (born in 1870). Hardy family owns the distillery until today.

The picturesque small distillery developed by Gaston Hardy and then by his son Jean Claude in Tartane produced a few hundred hectolitres per year. Production was stopped, but the brand name Hardy remains on the market; the rum is distilled in Saint James distillery.

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Here are full texts from the labels

mq207: Medaille d or Marseille 1923; 50% Vol.; Garanti d origine; D; Rhum Blanc de plantation Tartane G. Hardy; Prprietaire eleveur depuis 1830 distille, mis en bouteille au domaine presqu ile de la caravelle; 100 cl; Martinique; Medaille d argent Paris 1936

mq_6: Rhum Agricole Blanc

mq325: Appellation d' Origine; Rhum Blanc; 55%; Tartane; Rhum Agricole de la Martinique; 5 cl; G. Hardy, distillateur depuis 1830; Domaine de Neuville; Presque ile de la Caravelle; EMB 97209 A

mq200: Medaille d'or Marseille 1923; 50% vol.; Rhum Paille Pur Agricole Tartane 50%; G.Hardy distille, mis en bouteille a la presqu'ile de la caravelle Martinique; 100 cl; medaille d'argent Paris 1936

mq_7: Rhum Agricole Paille

mq470: Rhum Agricole de la Martinique vieilli en Futs de Chene; Tartane Rhum Vieux; Appellation d'Origine Controlée; A.O.C. Martinique; G. Hardy; Alc 45% vol; Propriétaire: SCI Tartane, Presquile de la Caravelle, 97220 Trinite; 70 cl; EMB 97209A

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