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Here is list of companies whose rum bottle labels I have in my collection

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- B -

Distillerie industrielle Bagatelle, La Trinité (0)
J. Bally, Lajus house (11)
Distillery Habitation Beauregard (0)
Distillerie Beausejour, Grand Riviere (1)
Dstillerie Belfond, Le Carbet (0)
Habitation Bijou (0)
Les Boucaniers (2)
Distillelry Habitation Fond Boucher, Case-Pilote (0)
Usine du Bourg, La Trinité (0)
Distillery habitation Fond Bourlet (0)
C. J. Braud, Fort de France (1)

- C -

Caracoli, Riviere Salee (5)
Clément (74)
Distillerie Corneille, Deux-Terres (0)
Distillery Habitation Crève-Coeur, Sainte-Anne (0)

- D -

Distillerie Dariste, Le Carbet (0)
Distillerie DDG, Fort de France (1)
DePaz (5)
Plantations du Diamant (1)
Dillon (22)
Distillerie des Rhums Agricoles (5)
G. & P. Dormoy, Petit Bourg (29)
J. Dubois (12)
Distillery Habitation Duferret, La Trinité (0)
Duquesne (13)
Distillerie Duvallon, Bellefontaine (0)

- F -

Habitation La Favorite (16)
Plantation Fonds Dore (3)

- G -

Distilerie du Galion / SAEM (7)
Grande Distillerie Coloniale des Antilles Francaises, Fort de France (0)

- H -

Gaston Hardy (6)
HSE, Gros Morne (33)
Rhummeries Hurard, St. Pierre (0)

- J -

J-C. B. Distribution (1)
L. Jusselain (2)

- L -

Distillery Fond Laillet, Bellefontaine (0)
Habitation Lamantin (1)
P. Lambert (3)
Lapalun (1)
Distillerie Anse Latouche, Le Carbet (0)
Habitation Leyritz (0)

- M -

Distillery Habitation Macouba (0)
Madkaud Pere & Fils (2)
Distillerie Manibas, Le Morne-Vert (0)
Distillerie Marc-Cecile (0)
Usine du Marin, Le Marin (1)
Martinique Agro Industrie (10)
La Mauny / Bellonnie Bourdillon Scrs (58)
Distillerie Agricole Merveilleuse, La Trinite (0)
Distillerie Morne des Cadets, Boutbois (0)
Distillerie Fond Moulin (0)
Distillerie Moulin a Eau (0)

- N -

Distillerie Nazaire, Le Gros-Morne (0)
Distillerie Neisson / Domaines Thieubert (11)

- O -

Other (8)

- P -

Habitation Pécoul (0)
Distillery Habitation Perpigna (0)
Distillerie Petite Tracee, Le Gros-Morne (0)
Plantations et Rhumeries Antillaises, Fort-de-France (1)
Distillerie Habitation Potiche, Macouba (0)
Distillerie Fonds Preville / S.C.A. Héritiers Crassous de Medeuil (16)

- R -

Distillerie Ressource (0)
Comptoir General des Rhums d'Origine, Fort-de-France (0)
Riviere-Monsieur (1)
Habitation Fonds Rousseau (0)

- S -

Saint Charles (1)
Saint James (40)
Distillerie de Sainte Luce (1)
Compagnie Rhumiere Usine Sainte Marie (1)
Distillerie Seraline (0)
Rhumerie du Simon (4)
La Plantation au Gros Morne / Simonnet & Cie. (8)
Sojade, Ducos (1)
Rhum Survi (1)

- T -

Tatanka (2)
Trois Rivieres, Sainte-Luce (14)

- V -

Distillerie la Vigie, Jolimont (0)
Distillerie Viviès, L'Ajoupa-Bouillon (0)

- W -

William Charleston & Cie, Fort-de-France (1)

Rum is in Martinique produced from fresh cane juice (this type of rum is called rhum agricole) and from sugar cane molasses (rum is called rhum industriel). Both are exported, for example to France.

[Source: Classic Rum by Julie Arkell, cit. 1999]

The words "Appellation d'Origine Controlee Martinique" is your assurance that the rhum is made from sugar cane juice and meets strict quality control standards. All rhum agricole bottled after May 31, 1997 in Martinique must carry these words on the label.

In 1945 there were 105 distilleries, 62 in 1952, 27 in 1960. Today remains only 9 distilleries.

In 1880, Martinique was home to 500 registered distillers, with the largest concentration around Saint Pierre on the slopes of Mont Pelee. Everyone made rum: the centralized sugar factories, small sugar-mill owners, and a growing number of independent distillers. This was one of Martinique's boom times. Thanks to the onset of the phylloxera vine louse in France, th metropolis needed a new spirit. Rum finaly overtook sugar in importance.

[Source: Dave Broom, Jason Lowe: Rum, 2003, p. 86]

On the map are distilleries operating on Martinique in 1999.

In the year 1939 was on Martinique 160 distilleries (and 15 sugar factories). About in 1975 was 18 distilelries agricole and 2 distileries industrielle (and 2 sugar factories).

In 1881 Martinique produces 86.331 hectolitres of pure rum alcohol.

Since November 1996, the Martinique agricole rums have benefited from Appellation d'Origine Controlee label. To this day, Martinique is the only overseas department to have such a distinction.

In order to have the right the use the label Appellation d'Origine Controlee "MARTINIQUE", followed by the mention "RHUM AGRICOLE", the rum must be obtained through distillation of fresh sugar cane juice, that fermented and that corresponds to precise specifications concerning:

  • production area.
  • cane cultivation area;
  • cane varieties.
  • juice extraction.
  • fermentation.
  • distillation.
  • storage and aging.
[Source: Groupe Quartier Francais, cit. 2005]

In 1920, on Martinique was 20 small and medium-sized distilleries, for example Nazaire, Dénel, Domézor, Calixte, La Fartoule, Dosithée, La Fraîcheur, De Soumery, Corneille nebo Cassildé.

When distillery Thibaut was in 1976 closed, St.Etienne remain the only distillery.

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