Albert Michler, Buková


Company was established in 1866.

In 1863, Albert Michler decided to establish a plant in the village of Buchsdorf (Buková in Czech), in Silesia. The suitable natural conditions of Upper Silesia offered fertile soil and moisture for the growth of a sufficient amount of herbs and spices that were necessary for the production of liqueurs and spirits.

Albert Michler was a great man and a prominent businessman. His father, Franz Michler, owned the land in Buková.

Albert was a very skilled landowner, but more importantly - he was the producer of the world-famous liqueur called "Original Buchsdorfer Magennbitter". This liqueur not only had a delicious taste, but also excelled in its healing properties. At a time when cholera was raging throughout the region, Albert Michler established an emergency hospital for infected soldiers, who were called in by doctors and carers using Michler's liqueur. The success of these alternative methods was to prove that he saved and healed many lives. Albert Michler Likör, rum und spiritusfabrik was one of the oldest distilleries in the region of Austrian Silesia. Albert Michler supplied liqueurs and rums to the imperial and royal courts as well as the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Navy.

The end of World War II was also fatal for Albert Michler Likör, Rum und Spiritusfabrik. The expulsion of the original German and Austrian population from Silesia and the arrival of the communist regime ended the history of one of the most admirable producers and suppliers of liqueurs and rums in Central Europe.

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