Berentzen, Haselünne

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Berentzen Jamaica  Rum Verschnitt - Berentzen, Haselünne (de_391)
I have a picture only:(

Berentzen Jamaica Rum Verschnitt (de_391)

I have a picture only:(
Source: Aukro
Caribica White - Berentzen, Haselünne (de_195)
I have a picture only:(

Caribica White (de_195)

I have a picture only:(

Rum bottles

Cachambo - Berentzen, Haselünne (de~30)

Cachambo (de~30)


Company Berentzen-Gruppe was established in 1988 by fusion of J. B. Berentzen (established 1861) and Pabst & Richarz (established at 1900's).

In 1998 acquired company Dethleffsen.

[Source: Company's web site (relevant page), cited 2003]

Here are full texts from the labels

de_391: Berentzen; Jamaica Rum Verschnitt; 40% vol; J.B. Berentzen, Haselünne; Kornbrennerei und Likörfabrik; Deutsches Erzeugnis

de_195: Light Dry Caribica White; West Indian Rum; 37.5% vol; 0.7 l

de~30: Cachaca do Brasil; Cachambo; Aguardente de cana; 40% vol; 700 ml; Produto do Brasil; 40142777

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