Vingaarden a/s, Odense

Pirat Solbaer Rom
Pirat Solbaer Rom
Pirat Solbaer Rom
Pirat Solbaer Rom
Pirat Rom and Black Currant Speciality
Pirat Rom and Black Currant Speciality


Company was established in 1895 by Thorvald Andersen and Ludvig Justesen as Odense Vin Kompagni.

In 1962 was from Odense Vin Kompagni formed Vingaarden A/S.

In 2003 was merged De Danske Spritfabrikker and Vingaarden and is part of V&S Group.

[Source: Company's web site, cit. 2004]

Here are full texts from the labels

dk4: 35 cl; 21.5% vol; Pirat Solbaerrom Likor; Liqueur; Made from black currant liqueur rum; Liqueur de Cassis; Produced and bottled by Leverandor til det Kgl. Danske hof Vingaarden a/s, Odense, Denmark

dk1: 100 ml; 21.5% vol; Pirat Solbaer Rom; Liqueur; Creme de Cassis; Vingaarden a/s, Odense, Denmark

dk3: Danish aperitif; Pirat Rom and Black Currant Speciality; 20.5% vol; 100 cl; Produced and bottled by / by appointment to the Royal Danish Court; Vingaarden a/s, Odense, Denmark

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