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Gall & Gall

Jamaica Rum Original
Jamaica Rum Original
Player's Silver Rum
Player's Gold Rum
Gold Player's
Gold Player

I exhibit 4 of the 5 labels of my collection. Other labels differ only in details. Undisplayed labels are variations with minor differences.

My full bottles

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Player´s Gold Rum

Here are full texts from the labels

nl15: Finest Quality; Specially Blended Jamaica Rum Original; 70 cl e; 35% vol; This finest rum is blended with an extremly high quality Jamaica rum, vatted for several years on oak casks. Its worldfamous taste offers utmost satisfaction. Particularly bottled for Gall & Gall, Hoofddorp, Holland

nl21: Player's Silver Rum; Light and Dry; Caribbean Rum; e 70 cl; 37.5% vol

nl22: Player's Gold Rum; dark Special; Caribbean Rum; e 70 cl; 37.5% vol

nl144: Caribbean Rum; Gold Player's Dark Special; The finest Caribbean rum produced with the best ingredients and blended to perfection; 35 cl e; 37.5% vol; 26805

nl~2: Player's Gold Rum; dark Special; Caribbean Rum; e 70 cl; 37.5% vol

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