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Westbourne Drinks Co, Borehamwood

United Kingdom

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Rum labels

Duppy Share - Westbourne Drinks Co, Borehamwood (uk_211)
Duppy Share

Duppy Share


Here are full texts from the labels

uk_211: The Duppy Share; In the dead of night, when the distillers' backs are turned, the dark Duppy Spirits of Caribbean journey between islands stealing rum left ageing in old oak barrels; True spirit masters, and skilled in the fine art of blending, the Duppies take only the best; This is the Duppy Share; Fine Aged Golden Rum; DS; Tastes best shared; The Duppy Share; Caribbean Rum of Jamaica & Barbados; 40% vol; 70 cl e; www.theduppyshare.com; Newer waste a second; The Westbourne Drinks Co., London England; Distilled and aged in the Caribbean; Bottled in London

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