Dehner Distillery, Clive, IA

United States

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Havana Judge White Rum - Dehner Distillery, Clive, IA (us_448)
Havana Judge White Rum

Havana Judge White Rum

I have a picture only:(
Havana Judge Cinnamon Rum - Dehner Distillery, Clive, IA (us_447)
Havana Judge Cinnamon Rum

Havana Judge Cinnamon Rum

I have a picture only:(


For hundreds of years cigars and liquor have gone hand in hand. In Burlington, Iowa in 1872 Andy Dehner started "Andy Dehner's Cigar Company". One of his greatest handmade cigars with tobacco sourced from Cuba was called "Havana Judge". It was said Andy's factory store was a rendezvous for the men about the town, and that a couple barrels of rum may have helped fuel the conversations. To honor my family's entrepreneurial spirit, I have made it my mission to create a line of rums worthy of his approval. So sip some "Havana Judge Rum" and the the conversations begin.
Joseph L. Dehne

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2014]

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us_448: Havana Judge White Rum; 750 ml

us_447: Havana Judge Cinnamon Rum; 750 ml

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