GrandTen Distilling, Boston, MA

Rum labels

Medford New England Rum - GrandTen Distilling, Boston, MA (us_513)
I have a picture only:(

Medford New England Rum (us_513)

I have a picture only:(


Company was established in 2010.

[Source: Facebook (relevant page), cited 2014]

GrandTen Distlling is owned and operated by Matthew Nuernberger and Spencer McMinn. All of our products are produced in very small batches and distilled in copper. Every step, from choosing the raw ingredients to bottling and labeling, is done by hand.

[Source: Company's web site (relevant page), cited 2014]

Here are full texts from the labels

us_513: GrandTen Distilling; Medford New England Rum; Distilled from Blackstrap Mplasses; A New England Tradition since 1715; 40% alc by vol; 80 Proof; 750 ml; Distilled and Bottled by GrandTen Distilling, Boston, Mass.

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