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Tuck's Rum Co.

United States

I have no labels, only the pictures:(

Rum labels

CinneMon Spice Rum - Tuck's Rum Co. (us_22)
CinneMon Spice Rum

CinneMon Spice Rum

Captain Neil’s Spiced Rum - Tuck's Rum Co. (us_23)
Captain Neil’s Spiced Rum

Captain Neil’s Spiced Rum

Here are full texts from the labels

us_22: CinneMon Spice Rum; Inspired at the B&C Bar, Dominica, W.I.; Assembled in Sugar Hollow, VA, U.S.A.

us_23: Captain Neil’s Spiced Rum; Private Stock - Keep yer Grubby Paws Off; This Ain’t No Foo-Foo Rum; Fabricated by Tuck’s Rum Co., Sugar Hollow, Virginia., U.S. of A.

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