Here is list of companies whose rum bottle labels I have in my collection
Hacienda Altamira, Macarapana - Carúpano / Destileria Carúpano (37)
Corporación Alcoholes del Caribe S.A. ( CACSA) (12)
Rones del Caribe C.A., Santa Paula (3)
Ron Castro (3)
Destilerías Unidas (Hacienda Saruro y Botucal) (68)
Destillería Centro North (1)
Licorería La Florida, Cumaná (15)
Hacienda La Guadalupe / Complejo Industrial Licorero del Centro CA (3)
Corporacion Macuro (1)
El Muco, Carúpano (4)
Pampero, Caracas (31)
Santa Teresa, El Consejo (47)
Industrial Servibottle, Valencia (4)
Destilería Veroes (1)

The Venezuelan Standard 3040-93 defined rum as "spirits prepared by the distillation of fermented mashes of sugar cane and its derivatives, having been aged in oak containers, so that the final product possesses the aromas and tastes which are characteristic". Its strength is 40 to 50% alc/vol.

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