Bacardi-Martini India Ltd.


Company started its operations during Dec 11 1996. Over the years the company has not only implemented latest State-of-the-art technology, but also integrated vertically to give itself an edge over its competitors.

[Source: APEDA (relevant page), cited 2003]

Radico Khaitan Ltd.(RKL) has a joint Venture with Bacardi International wherein the foreign prtner is holding 51% equity and the balance is held by RKL. The company, i.e., Whythall India Ltd. has its Plant located at Rampur (U.P.) within the premise of RKL. The company manufactures IMFL brands like Whitehall, Whitehall5 and Genesis whiskies at Rampur as well as through their bottling tie-up units in other states of India. These are semi-premium brands made from grain spirit blended with Matl and Scotch. The Joint Venture also has state-of-the-art Malt Spirit Plant at Rampur which supplies quality Malt Spirit to RKL for its own brands like 8 PM and Special Appointment whiskies. Bacardi Martini India Ltd. is one of our important customers for purchasing ENA for making their products.

[Source: Radico Khaitan Ltd., cited 2003]

AFTER a prolonged wait, Bacardi Martini India Ltd (BMIL) is poised to foray into the ready-to-drink (RTD) alcoholic beverage segment with the launch of Bacardi Breezer.

The company, which is a 74:26 joint venture between Bacardi and Gemini Distilleries, is scheduled to launch Breezer later this month or in early September, according to sources. Breezer will be bottled at Gemini Distilleries unit in Goa and will hit markets such as Delhi, Maharashtra (including Mumbai) and Goa before going national in a phased manner.

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