Neografia, Martin (printer)

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Niagara, čajový rum - Neografia, Martin (sk67)
Niagara, čajový rum

Niagara, čajový rum (sk67)

82 x 213 mm (3.2" x 8.4")


Company was established in 1869.

[Source: Company's web site (det), cited 2020]

History in dates:

  • 1869 - In Turčiansky Svätý Martin (since 1951 only Martin) a book printing house and publishing house KÚS - Kníhtlačiarsky účastinársky spolok is established.
  • 1918 - The KÚS Association focused on printing books for several Slovak publishers. Most for the nationwide Slovak cultural institution "Matica slovenská".
  • 1943 - Matica Slovenská officially opens an independent company NEOGRAFIA, a participating association in Turčianský Svätý Martin, which, according to the concession deed, dealt with printing money and money, securities, setting up book printing houses, printing and all work in the graphics industry.
  • 1951 - The Book Printing Participant Association (KÚS) employing 150 people is associated with Neografia (330 employees) and other printing plants in the vicinity of Central Slovakia.
  • 1953 - The name "Neografia" was changed to "Severoslovenské tlačiarne"
  • 1958 - The name "Severoslovenské tlačiarne" is changed to "Tlačiarne Slovenského národného povstania, n.p. Martin".
  • 1988 - By decision of the Ministry of Industry of the SSR, Martin's printing house became an independent state-owned company called "Tlačiarne SNP" based in Martin.
  • 1994 - Neografia returned to its original status as a joint stock company and also to its original owner - Matica slovenská.
[Source: Company's web site (det), cited 2020]

Národné noviny (1870 - 1948) was published and printed by the Kníhtlačiarsky účastinársky spolok.

Record in the publication Adresář RČS, 1927:
Knihtlačiarsky účastinársky spolok; T 12, 30; P 400.096

[Source: Moravská zemská knihovna (det), cited 2020]

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Here are full texts from the labels

sk67: Niagara, čajový rum; Perla; Továreň na liehové nápoje, likérové špeciality, ovocné vína a šťávy, Banská Bystryca; Neografia

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