Search help

The principle of the search

I suggest you use the search function if you can not find a particular manufacturer rum. Search the full text of passes on the labels, the search is a list of manufacturers and labels that match the query.

You can enter a word, but if you do not know the exact name of rum you are looking for, simply enter only what you remember the name, or it may be the beginnings of words. For example, in search of rum Zacapa Centenario just need to enter apa ente and the results are guaranteed and wanted rum.

Fragments of words must have at least 2 letters. If you type just one letter, it will search automatically be considered for the whole word and as such it will look.

A query can contain only letters and numbers, and other characters are ignored by the search engine as well as punctuation marks and capitalization. Question cachaça indústria is therefore the same as Cachaca INDUSTRIA .

Search scans the text labels, titles, rums, manufacturers' names and English names of states. For most manufacturers is also the site of action. Text labels can be seen at the end of each manufacturer's website and is marked as 'Here are full texts from the labels'.




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