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Army Issue Rum -  G.F. Cleland & Sons, Adelaide (au_50)
Army Issue Rum

Army Issue Rum

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Company was established in 1883 as G.F. Cleland & Co. In 1897 was company renamed to G.F. Cleland & Sons Ltd

[Die Quelle: Guide to Australian Business Records, zitiert 2006]

S.A. Brewing Holdings Limited (the Holding Company) was formed in 1971 with a nominal capital of $40 million of which approximately $23.1 million had been issued at last balance date - 28 February 1973.

The Holding Company, which is non-operative, holds the whole of the issued capital of the Group’s two principal operating companies, namely,

(a) The South Australian Brewing Company Limited (the Brewing Company) (paid-up capital of approximately $11.5 million) which in addition to its brewing operations is the owner of 145 hotels and has a controlling interest (71%) in The Adelaide Bottle Company Pty. Limited (the Bottle Company) (paid-up capital $41,030). This latter company provides a bottle reclamation and hiring service.

(b) G.F. Cleland & Sons Pty. Limited (paid-up capital $214,100) which conducts a wholesale wine and spirit business.

In addition the Holding Company has -

(c) a 50% interest in the issued capital of Haussen & Company Pty. Limited (paid-up capital $510,000) a family company which owns 23 hotels, and

(d) a 26% interest in the issued capital of Cooper & Sons Limited (paid-up capital $702,002) a relatively small South Australian brewery.

Recently the Holding Company made a successful take-over bid for the capital of

(e) Lion Brewing & Malting Company Limited (paid-up capital approximately $1.275 million) and the Holding Company is registered as the owner of approximately 99% of the issued capital of this Company.

[Die Quelle: The Whitlam Institute, zitiert 2006]

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au_50: Finest Old Matured Army Issue Rum; Distilled from pure molasses only G.F. Cleland & Sons Ltd, Adelaide

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