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Cawsey Menck Pty. Ltd., Sydney

Regal Well matured Rum
Regal Well matured Rum


Cawsey Menck has been owned and operated by the same family since it commenced business in 1912. Originally started by L.O. Menck, Grandfather of the current owners - Jim and Richard Menck.

Originally selling cordials, Cawsey Menck has been a liquor wholesaler since the late 1930's. Moving into supplying Duty Free and Tax Free stores in Australia over 15 years ago, we import and distribute well known overseas brands and more recently have created and developed our own brands and products.

Cawsey Menck operates from it's own 2000 sq. mt. warehouse where we have a custom licensed bond and modern bottling plant.

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au26: Regal; Produce of Australia; Well matured Rum; Bottled in Bond under Commonwelth Control; Cawsey Menck Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia; Contents 1125 ml

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