Angelo Barreto, Bolans Village


Bolanda Best Matured Rum -  Angelo Barreto, Bolans Village (ag18)
Bolanda Best Matured Rum

Bolanda Best Matured Rum (ag18)

113 x 87 mm (4.5" x 3.4")


Bushy is the postmaster, storekeeper, and dispenser of fine, blended rum. John "Bushy" Angelo Barreto came to Antigua in 1956 from Madeira. Since that time, he has lived above the biggest business in town. Downstairs, on the right side of the building that houses the post office and a small general store, is the liquor counter.

Rum, known locally as Bolans, is bought from Antigua Distillery Limited at a high proof and diluted nearly in half by this cheery man. Depending on availability, Bushy bottles different rums with different labels.

[Die Quelle: The Complete Guide to Rum by Ed Hamilton, zitiert 1997]

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ag18: Bolanda Best Matured Rum; Bottled and sold by Angelo Barreto; Bolans Village, Antigua

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