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Guayabita del Pinar -  L. Garay y Cia, Pinar del Rio (cu~6)
Guayabita del Pinar

Guayabita del Pinar


Die Firma wurde in Jahr 1892 hergestellt.

[Die Quelle: Das Etikett]

There is rum distillery in Pinar del Rio that produces a famous rum branded Guayabita del Pinar, it is produced from the alcohols obtained from a small guava fruit, that is only harvested in the Pinar del Rio mountais. All the bottles have one of this guavas inside. There are two versions of Guayabita del Pinar, one is dry, just like rum and the other is sweet, like a liquor.

[Die Quelle: CUBA DESTINO CARIBE, zitiert 2006]

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cu~6: La Occidental; Guayabita del Pinar; 70 cl; 40° GL; Fundada 1892; Seca; de L. Garay y Cia, Marti No 104, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

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