Hyde Estate, Trelawny


Information obtained by the Center for the Study of Legacies of British Slave-ownership at University College London:

Rum was distilled on the domain 'Hyde Estate, Trelawny' at least between 1772 and 1808.

From will of Edward Clarke, 3rd August 1773

I do give and devise unto my grandson Edward Clarke the second son of my son George Hyde Clarke all that is my said Hyde plantation in the parish of Trelawney in the county of Cornwall in the Island of Jamaica aforesaid which consists of five thousand acres of Land or thereabouts with all the negroes and other slaves which may be about three hundred and fifty with my penn and all my breeding cattle working cattle Mules Mares Horses and asses which together may amount to four hundred or thereabouts and my dwelling house and offices Mills and Millhouses Boiling and Distilling Houses Rum Houses Trash Houses Negroe Houses and all other buildings and erections whatever and all and singular other the Rights .....
[Die Quelle: Jamaican Family Search, zitiert 2019]

Handbook of Jamaica 1905:

Sugar estate in cultivation in Jamaica in the year 1903-1904

Name of estateHyde
OwnerHenry Sewell, trustee
Attorney of ownerH.S. Hoskins
Acres cane285
Acres other3,382
Type of millSteam
Process of manufactureCommon process
Hhds * sugar204
Punchns * rum164
* 1 hoghead = 238 l, 1 puncheon = 318 l
[Die Quelle: Jamaican Family Search, zitiert 2019]

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