Lansquinet Estate, Trelawny


Information obtained by the Center for the Study of Legacies of British Slave-ownership at University College London:

Rum was distilled on the domain 'Lansquinet Estate, Trelawny' at least in the yewr 1807.

[Die Quelle: Legacies of British Slave-ownership (det), zitiert 2019]

In Falmouth Post dated October 6, 1877 was advertisement for Lansquinet Estate which contains 860 acres and Distillery Department in good condition.

[Die Quelle: Jamaican Family Search Genealogy (det), zitiert 2013]

Falmouth Post (Jamaica), February 27, 1877

Several awards were made to the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia 1876 in the Jamaica Section of the:
For Rum: Georgia Estate, Amity Hall Estate, Blue Castle Estate, New Works Estate, Lansquinet Estate, Hordley Estate.

[Die Quelle: Jamaican Family Search, zitiert 2019]

Gleaner Excerpts (Jamaica), October 6, 1877


Lansquinet Estate
Contains 860 acres. The Herd consists of 97 Head. There are on this Property a Steam Engine, and Water Wheel, as also a Centrifugal Pan. The Boiling House and Distillery Departments are in good condition.

[Die Quelle: Jamaican Family Search, zitiert 2019]

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