Lansquinet Estate, Trelawny


Information obtained by the Center for the Study of Legacies of British Slave-ownership at University College London:

Rum was distilled on the domain 'Lansquinet Estate, Trelawny' at least in the yewr 1807.

In Falmouth Post dated October 6, 1877 was advertisement for Lansquinet Estate which contains 860 acres and Distillery Department in good condition.

Falmouth Post (Jamaica), February 27, 1877

Several awards were made to the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia 1876 in the Jamaica Section of the:
For Rum: Georgia Estate, Amity Hall Estate, Blue Castle Estate, New Works Estate, Lansquinet Estate, Hordley Estate.

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Gleaner Excerpts (Jamaica), October 6, 1877


Lansquinet Estate
Contains 860 acres. The Herd consists of 97 Head. There are on this Property a Steam Engine, and Water Wheel, as also a Centrifugal Pan. The Boiling House and Distillery Departments are in good condition.

[Die Quelle: Jamaican Family Search, zitiert 2019]

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