Distillerie Nazaire, Le Gros-Morne

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Originally stood a candy Habitation on the site but it is mentioned for the first time a distillery in a notarial deed dated 15 April 1913 or Joseph Nazaire said Antoine leased to his brother, Paul Nazaire (which was mayor of the town of Gros Morne from 1923), in 1918, a letter dated 25 December from Mr. Donatien Marie Joseph Paul Nazaire has mentioned installing a waterwheel mill for distillery. In a deed dated 22 December 1934, Paul Nazaire cede Emmanuel Jouanneau-Courville has its quota of rum exports for the years 1933 1935 ( 11 000 liters per year) and one for local consumption for years 1934 and 1935. After the death of Paul Nazaire in 1960, his heirs ceded their quota in 1961 the Sainte-Marie before finally sell the distillery in 1963 Saint- Etienne but in fact Nazaire distillery ceased operations in 1933.

[Die Quelle: Ministère de la culture, cit. 2005]

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