Providence Estate

Trinidad und Tobago


Providence sugar estate and rum distillery at Chagunos. Famed light golden rums from the Providence Patent Stil. GenHistoryRef("The Wordsworth Dictionary of Drink", "", "2005, p. 475"); ?>

Credit :Angelo Bissessarsingh

Providence Estate was founded around 1770 by Sir William Young, at one time Governor of Tobago and Commissioner of Lands in Tobago and Grenada. The three hundred odd acres outside the tiny hamlet of Les Couteaux in the Main Ridge.

Young died in a duel in 1777 with neighbouring landowner Peter Franklyn (reputedly over a slave woman) and the estate along with others passed to his son. The property remained in the Young family until the early 20th century. The estate boasted a fine water mill and a magnificent aqueduct, both of which might still exist. GenHistoryRef("Trinidad & Tobago Association of Ottawa", "", "2020"); ?>

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