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Rum - Providence Estate (it_100)
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Rum (it_100)

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Providence Estate 1990 Trinidad - Providence Estate (uk_171)
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Providence Estate 1990 Trinidad (uk_171)

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Classic Rum - Providence Estate, Trinidad - Providence Estate (uk181)
Classic Rum - Providence Estate, Trinidad

Classic Rum - Providence Estate, Trinidad (uk181)

189 x 79 mm (7.4" x 3.1")


Providence sugar estate and rum distillery at Chagunos. Famed light golden rums from the Providence Patent Stil. GenHistoryRef("The Wordsworth Dictionary of Drink", "", "2005, p. 475"); ?>

Credit :Angelo Bissessarsingh

Providence Estate was founded around 1770 by Sir William Young, at one time Governor of Tobago and Commissioner of Lands in Tobago and Grenada. The three hundred odd acres outside the tiny hamlet of Les Couteaux in the Main Ridge.

Young died in a duel in 1777 with neighbouring landowner Peter Franklyn (reputedly over a slave woman) and the estate along with others passed to his son. The property remained in the Young family until the early 20th century. The estate boasted a fine water mill and a magnificent aqueduct, both of which might still exist. GenHistoryRef("Trinidad & Tobago Association of Ottawa", "", "2020"); ?>

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it_100: Barangai Rum Providence 1990; 15; West Indies; Product of Trinidad & Tobago; 70 cl e

uk_171: Providence Estate Finest Trinidad Rum 1990; Matured in Sherrywood; 70 cl; Produce of Trinidad & Tobago; 43% vol; Bristol Classic Rum

uk181: Bristol Classic Rum Providence Estate, Trinidad; Classic rums of the Caribbean; distilled in 1990; Bottled in 2000; 10 years old; Produce of Trinidad; 70 cl; Selected and bottled from the wood by Bristol Spirits Ltd, GL12 8NB; Patent Still; 40% vol; Merchants from Bristol have traded in Rum for more than 400 years. But too many rums are anonymous blends of no distinction. Bristol Spirits have made it their mission to seek out the products of single plantations, usually from single stills, and to show each rum in its own true, individual glory. Discovering the world's finest rums. The providence estate one of Trinidad's oldest, lies near Chagunos, just south of the river Coparo. the distillery's springs are prized for their rare mineral traces, which lend finesse to the characteristically light Trinidad rum. Distilled in 1990, the spirit matured in England cellars until we bottled it straight from the wood, at 46%. Single patent still Trinidad rum.

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