Destilerias del Penedes


Ron Pujol -  Destilerias del Penedes (es19)
Ron Pujol

Ron Pujol

95 x 122 mm (3.7" x 4.8")
Pujol & Grau -  Destilerias del Penedes (es20)
Pujol & Grau

Pujol & Grau

113 x 141 mm (4.5" x 5.6")
Caña Pujol -  Destilerias del Penedes (es_46)
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(

Caña Pujol

Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(
Ron Cremat Pujol -  Destilerias del Penedes (es_48)
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(

Ron Cremat Pujol

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Cumarey -  Destilerias del Penedes (es58)


99 x 144 mm (3.9" x 5.7")
Ron Miel -  Destilerias del Penedes (es_43)
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Ron Miel

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Halley's -  Destilerias del Penedes (es_44)
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Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(


In the year 1818 the Pujol family - already part of the world of distilled beverages - founded its own distillery with the aim of producing a variety of spirits, in particular, RUM.

In those days the people of England, the Netherlands, Russia and the countries of northern Europe preferred spirits with a dry taste, whilst overseas Spanish colonies leaned toward spirits with an anisette-like or sweeter flavor.

Around the middle of the nineteenth century, the family began to open its own shops where its spirits were sold to the public. All were highly esteemed - particularly RUM alone or with coffee - and exceptionally well received both then and now.

As the years went by, the fame of our products has continued to grow, with Pujol spirits winning several prestigious awards in international exhibits, hence increasing the fame of the company.

During the twentieth century, the renown of the product range thrived until - for lack of a family heir interested in the business - a group of trade professionals decided to join forces in 1971 by creating DESTILERIAS DEL PENEDES, S.A. in order to continue producing Pujol products, thus enhancing the prestige and the fame of the brand.


Company is branch of Bardinet, S.A., Barcelona

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es19: Pujol; Ron Pujol; Dorado; Pujol y Grau; Desde 1818

es20: Pujol; Desde 1818; Ron Blanco Pujol & Grau; Elborado exclusivamente con aguardientes de caña seleccionados, especial para combinados; 38% vol.; 100 cl.; Pujol & Grau, desde su fundacion en 1818 ha dedicado atenciion preferente a la elaboracion de RON, y sus productos gozan de gran prestigio debido a su excelente calidad, fruto de su culdadosa elaboracion y constante fidelidad a sus antiguas formulas; Destillerias del Penedes S.A. C/ Estacion s/n; la Granada del Penedes; Elaborado en Espana

es_46: Ron 1818; Caña Pujol

es_48: Ron Cremat Pujol

es58: Caribbean rum Cumarey; Ron añejo; 40% vol; 70 cl; hecho en Venezuela

es_43: Honey Rum; Ron Miel; Pujol

es_44: Halley's; Crema de ron; Pujol

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