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Segestica, Sisak

Domaći rum
Domaći rum

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Rum za kolače


Die Firma wurde in Jahr 1918 hergestellt.

[Die Quelle:, cit. 2015]

The company SEGESTICA was founded on the principles of the former brandy distillery Pecara d.d., established in 1918 in Sisak region.

Throughout history and system changes, in 1953 the company changes its name to “Segestica” and records extremely favourable results in the 1960s in liquor and yeast segments. In the 1970s SEGESTICA was incorporated in Podravka’s system, thus achieving higher productivity and quality, as well as specialisation in the area of vinegar, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages and yeast production. Following Podravka’s decision on selling, the company becomes a joint stock company and continues its operations maintaining a market position in production segments, giving the controlling interest to small shareholders.

In 2010, due to accrued financial defaults and liabilities, a bankruptcy procedure was launched, and in March 2011 Badel Ltd. purchased the real estate and movables of the bankrupt company in order to renew SEGESTICA’s production; the installed manufacturing and technological capacities enable high quality vinegar, liquor and non-alcoholic beverage production.

[Die Quelle:, cit. 2015]

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hr43: Domaći rum; Segestica; Podravka OOUR Segestica Sisak

hr~2: Rum za kolače; Segestica d.o.o. Sisak

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