UTO Nederland BV, Schiedam


Barca Rum - UTO Nederland BV,  Schiedam (nl23)
Barca Rum

Barca Rum (nl23)

109 x 84 mm (4.3" x 3.3")
Rhumbey Liqueur - UTO Nederland BV,  Schiedam (nl24)
Rhumbey Liqueur

Rhumbey Liqueur (nl24)

71 x 178 mm (2.8" x 7")
Estaro rum - UTO Nederland BV,  Schiedam (nl_19)
Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(

Estaro rum (nl_19)

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In 1777 Pieter Jansen founded a distillery in Schiedam. Jansen's "geneva" was of such outstanding quality that his reputation spread rapidly by word of mouth. And not just in the Netherlands. He soon began expanding to many other countries and developed new products such as liqueurs. Business was booming despite the occasional "hiccup". The company passed on from one generation to the next and it was actually Pieter Jansen's great-grandson and successor Herman who made the company a big success.

Herman Jansen was a little wilful and he made it his business to know everything that was going on in the market. At the end of the nineteenth century an invoice of the glass supplier to one of his competitors was sent to Jansen by mistake. That's when he found out that the glass supplier charged Jansen much more for the bottles than he did his other customers. He was so angry with his supplier that he founded his own glass works which he called UTO. The letters stand for "Uit Tegenweer Opgericht", Dutch for "founded out of protest".

In 1860 another distilling company was founded: Vlek & CO in Delft. Vlek was the perfect partner for Jansen as Vlek was an important distiller in the domestic market, whereas Jansen had a solid position in the export market. In 1972 Jansen merged with Vlek & Co. The name UTO was changed into "Unaniem Tot Overeenstemming", a Dutch acronym for "unanimously to agreement".

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nl23: Barca Caribbean Rhum; Barca Rhum; Contents 0.70 l e; Bottled by UTO Holland; 45% vol

nl24: Rhumbey Liqueur; Rhumbey; the ultimate conquest of paradise. Experience the irresistible combination of Caribbean rum, orange and the taste of vanila; Enjoy Rhumbey pure, on the rocks or mixed; 0.70 l e; 20% vol; 8710631031206

nl_19: Estaro rum

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