Bardenay Inc, Boise, ID


Bardenay rum - Bardenay Inc, Boise, ID (us224)
Bardenay rum

Bardenay rum (us224)

102 x 120 mm (4" x 4.7")


Die Firma wurde in Jahr 2000 hergestellt.

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, zitiert 2005]

The Bardenay’s beginnings started in a humble empty warehouse on the Historic Basque Block in downtown Boise, Idaho. Owner Kevin Settles oversaw each construction detail. He even contributed his own work into the place over one weekend on some of the final touches by finishing the ground and dyed concrete floor by hand. The transformation to what you see today is spectacular and fitting to this historic neighborhood.

Getting the architectural details into the restaurant and custom-made bar was only part of the countless hours spent. Many hours were consumed in creating our distilled spirits. Our ginsmiths were hard at work for months perfecting the recipe batches for the Rum, Gin and Vodka.

Opening night was a gala event and a big relief to a seemingly impossible challenge. We invited noted author and Martini expert, Jared Brown to saber open the first bottle. If you have never seen a person hold a full glass bottle in one hand then lop off the top with a gleaming sword, then you will have to imagine a bit of the passion that we have for our distilled spirits. Each batch is distilled as carefully as our first and if you come visit us on certain days, you can witness the process of our beautiful imported small batch still at work.

The Bardenay itself is now part of history as our nations first restaurant distillery. Stop by for a mixed drink from our own distilled spirits and enjoy our casual, upscale food menu.

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, zitiert 2005]


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us224: Small Batch; Bardenay rum; Fine Quality; Cane Sugar; Distilled and Bottled by Settles Krick, Inc., Boise, Idaho; Net contents 750 ml; Distilled from sugar cane; 40% alc/vol, 80 Proof; 6 78648 00030 2

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