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Cedar Ridge Dark Rum - Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery, Swisher, Iowa (us_452)
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Cedar Ridge Dark Rum (us_452)

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Jeff Quint - owner, winemaker and master distiller - established Cedar Ridge in 2002 with a small vineyard. Quint has since expanded to include Iowa's first legal still (2005) since prohibition. Out of a small space Quint and his team produces Clearheart Vodka, an apple brandy, grappa and lemoncella. Considering the space in which this all happens, it is an impressive feat resulting in equally impressive spirits.

[Die Quelle: About.com: Cocktails, zitiert 2010]

Cedar Ridge Distillery distilling and bottling Clearheart Rum for Clearheart Spirits.

[Die Quelle: Clearheart Spirits, zitiert 2014]


Cedar Ridge
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us_452: Cedar Ridge; Barrel No; Bottle No; Small Batches. Custom pot stills. Barrel aging. From discerning ingredient selection to skilled fractioning, blending and bottling, taste the expertise our artisans bring to every bottle of Cedar Ridge dark aged spirits; Cedar Ridge Dark Rum; 750 ml; 40% alc by vol; True dark rum is barrel aged, not spiced. At Cedar Ridge we honor tradition by crafting our rum from pure sugarcane molasses, then double distill for unmatched smoothness and flavor. When it comes to dark rum, age is beauty. Enjoy! Master Distiller; Distilled and bottled by Cedar Ridge Distillery, Swisher, Iowa; www.crdistillera.com

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