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Fazenda dos Coqueiros / Industria e Comercio de Bebidas Serenata

Cachaça Arte de Minas
Cachaça Arte de Minas
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Fazenda dos Coqueiros was established in 1855.

[Source: Company's web site, cit. 2010]

The company "Industria e Comercio de Bebidas Serenata" was founded in 2000 by Mr Waldmir Neiva. Mr Neiva used to produce cachaca in his farm in Sao Goncalo de Sapucai, a small town in the south of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, since 1982. In the beginning all the cachaca produced there used to be consumed by friends and, as it started to become famous, in 2000 Mr Neiva decided to found a real company the "Industria e Comercio de Bebidas Serenata". The company would be resposable for de industry of the cachaca "Arte de Minas", for the transportation of the product and for its supply inside the brazilian states.

Our company is settled in the farm "Fazenda dos Coqueiros" in Sao Goncalo do Sapucai.

In the fisrt years the company had an annual production of 10.000 liters of cachaca. But in 2004, Mr Neiva decided that he also wanted to sell his product worlwide. Therefore he and his family invested in the industry to make it bigger and to have an annual production of 100.000 liters of "Arte de Minas".

The current main market is the brasilian state of Sao Paulo but now that our company has a bigger production we are looking foward to expand our business to other countries.

[Source:, cit. 2010]

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br_554: Cachaça Arte de Minas; Aguardente de cana-de açúcar; Sugar cane brandy; Conteúdo 720 ml

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