Fazenda Jaguarundi / Caninha Jaguarundi Ltda.


Caninha Januarundi -  Fazenda Jaguarundi / Caninha Jaguarundi Ltda. (br_148)
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Caninha Januarundi

Ich habe nur dieses Bild:(


Founded by Friedrich P. H. Isenberg, German immigrant, on April 1, 1956. Pioneer in the agricultural mechanization in the State of Parana and in the culture of Soy, with varieties smuggled from the USA in 1965. It leaves now for alternatives and new challenges. Caninha Jaguarundi, with was created in 1995 by his son Frederico, walks for its consolidation, even with the lack of tradition in our state.

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Cachaca is no longer produced.

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br_148: Caninha Januarundi; Fazenda Januarundi

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