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Pingo de Ouro - Pingo de Ouro Ltda (br_325)
Pingo de Ouro

Pingo de Ouro

Cachaca Popular - Pingo de Ouro Ltda (br_324)
Cachaca Popular

Cachaca Popular

Caipirinha - Pingo de Ouro Ltda (br_326)




In 1956, Dom Alzemiro Agostinho Coelho, founded the company “Coelho & filhos Ltda”, as a family business, but with a passion to deliver it’s art to produce cachaça to the people that loved it’s drink.

So he did his activities until 1984, changing the company name to “Industria de Bebidas Pingo de Ouro Ltda”. Today the company is run by his sons, Dom Gilson and Antonio Coelho keeping the prestige gain by his father.

Half century has passed since the company was beginning the production of distilled products and keeping the dream of produce best quality products recognized in the domestic and foreign markets.

With studies and researches , the company Industrias de Bebidas Pingo de Ouro Ltda can proudly offer it’s products with international standards of quality keeping the quality standard that has been consecrated in the distilled products sector.

The raw material used in the production follow the government norms, including quality, health and environment.

To Industria de Bebidas Pingo de Ouro is proud to be present in restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and homes all over the country and some countries around the world with it’s best product, cachaça and caipirinha. Nowdays, you can find in the best places this excellent product with high consume and international quality of the third most worldwide consumed liquor.

[Source: Company's web site, cited 2005]

Here are full texts from the labels

br_325: Pingo de Ouro

br_324: Cachaca Popular

br_326: Caipirinha

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