Narang Industries Ltd.

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Caribay Deluxe XXX Rum - Narang Industries Ltd. (in154)
Caribay Deluxe XXX Rum

Caribay Deluxe XXX Rum

204 x 106 mm (8" x 4.2")

Zde jsou plné texty z etiket

in154: Caribay Deluxe XXX Rum; This fine blend contains aged cane juice spirit which gives it a character of individuality. It offers the drinker a balance of exceptional with the style and distinctin which only aging can provide; Winner Monde Selection 1992; For sale to defence personnels only. Possession by other than defence personnel is punishable; Caribay Deluxe XXX Rum; Exceptionally Smooth, Matured in Wood; Caribay Deluxe XXX Rum; Distilled, blended & bottled by The Narang Industries Ltd., Nawabganj, Distt. Gonda (U.P.); 75° Proof; 750 ml When Filled; 42.8% v/v; For export in Andrea Pradesh for deffence personnel in A.P. only; Canteen services (A.P.); Not for sale in U.P.; Made in India; Consumption of liquor is injurious to health

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