Eagle Distilleries & Co.



Haddad Superior White Rum - Eagle Distilleries & Co. (jo1)
Haddad Superior White Rum

Haddad Superior White Rum (jo1)

100 x 126 mm (3.9" x 5")
Haddad Gold Superior Rum - Eagle Distilleries & Co. (jo2)
Haddad Gold Superior Rum

Haddad Gold Superior Rum (jo2)

100 x 125 mm (3.9" x 4.9")


Eagle Distilleries Company was founded by the late Mudieb Mousa Haddad who was one of the early pioneer industrialists of this country. In 1973, he also established M. Haddad & Sons Co. that specialized in the production and sale of toiletries, cosmetics and potato and corn chips. He began his long struggle in this field with a lot of hard work and steadfast belief in the future of the country. The late Mudieb Haddad was born in Nuaymeh (next to Al-Hosson) in northern Jordan in 1917 and died in Zarka in 1984, leaving behind a huge, industrial monument built and shaped through a long struggle of hard work over the years.

Established in 1953, the company is one of the first landmark industries of alcoholic beverages in Jordan, bearing the registration number 3 in the registrar of companies at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Our products include Arak, Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Liqueur, Rum & Tequila, Wine & Sparkling Wine as well as Medical & Industrial Alcohol, and Dry Ice & Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2).

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jo1: Contents 75 cl; 35°; Haddad Rum Superior; White Rum; Produced and bottled by Eagle Distilleries and Co, Zerka, Jordan

jo2: 75 cl; 35°; Eagle Brand; Haddad Gold Rum Superior; Produced and bottled by Eagle Distilleries and Co, Zerka, Jordan

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