W.M. Mendis & Co Ltd.


Mendis Sundown Rum -  W.M. Mendis & Co Ltd. (lk1)
Mendis Sundown Rum

Mendis Sundown Rum (lk1)

102 x 127 mm (4" x 5")


2000 - 152,529.700 proof litres
2001 - 193,077.400 proof litres
2002 - 174,029.200 proof litres
2003 - 118,455.400 proof litres

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W.M.Mendis & Co. Ltd. is among the most renowned liquor manufacturers in Sri Lanka. It was a pioneer in the industry, and still ranks as one of the largest distillers. In fact, the finest arrack in the world is produced by us. We have over the years earned an enviable reputation for our wide variety of products, which comprises of pure coconut arracks, old arracks, blended arracks and foreign liquors. Many of these spirits are exported, and are increasingly becoming popular around the world.

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Address: Bottling Factory, 309/5 Negombo Rd, Welisara 13320, Ragama

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lk1: Mendis Sundown Rum; manufactured and bottled by W.M. Mendis & Co Ltd. Colombo 5 Sri Lanka; 750 ml; Rs. 300/=; 38.01% Alcohol by vol

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