GIE Rhums Reunion, Saint Denis

Rhum blanc Charrette
Rhum blanc Charrette
Rhum Charrette
Rhum Charrette
Vieux Rhum
Vieux Rhum

I exhibit 4 of the 8 labels of my collection. Other labels differ only in details. Undisplayed labels are variations with minor differences.


In 1972 was established GIE Rhums Reunion. Today consists of

  • distillery Riviere du Mat
  • distillery Isautier
  • distillery Savanna
[Source: Le Rhum Charrette, cit. 2003]

To modernise the traditional rum distribution system dating back to the 1920s, an organisation of Reunion Island rum producers was founded: GIE Rhum (an economic interest group for marketing Reunion Island rums and spirits); it was renamed Rums Reunion in 2000.

The island's three distilleries initiated this group:

  • Distilelie du Mat in Saint-Benoit.
  • Distilelie de Savanna in Saint-Andre.
  • Distilelie Isautier in Saint-Pierre.
[Source: Groupe Quartier Francais, cit. 2005]

Here are full texts from the labels

re11: Rhum blanc Charrette; Rhum traditionnel; Ile de la Reunion Gie Rhum; 46 rue la Bourdonnais, 97462 St. Denis - Reunion

re49: Rhum Charrette; Ile de la Reunion; Rhum traditionnel de la Reunion pour preparation; Punchs et Cocktails; 40%; 70 cl e

re54: Ile de la 70 cl; 49% vol; Reunion; Vieux Rhum; Mis en bouteille par le G.I.E. Rhum - Ile de la Reunion

re51: Rhum; Special long drinks, punches et cocktails; Gie Rhumde la Reunion; 97462 St. Denis

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