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Tia Maria is one of the world's most legendary liqueur spirits. The history of the drink can be traced back over 300 years to Jamaica in the Caribbean. In the mid 17th century when the island was in the grip of the brutal Colonial Wars, a beautiful Spanish noblewoman was forced to flee her home. In the chaotic flight, her maid had just enough time to safely snatch one of her mistress's most important family possessions - a tiny treasure box containing a pair of black pearl earrings and an old manuscript for a secret family recipe for a cordial. In her gratitude, the noblewoman named the rich dark drink 'Tia Maria' after her faithful maid.

The legend came to light in the 1940s when Dr Kenneth Leigh Evans a prominent scientist and gourmet was given the cordial to drink at dinner with friends. He fell in love with the intriguing taste and persuaded the family that it should be produced commercially. The lady of the house agreed provided the recipe, an ancient family heirloom, remained a closely guarded secret.

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Company is owned by Allied Domecq.

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