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Alnwick Rum Co. Ltd.

Alnwick Vatted Rum
Alnwick Vatted Rum
Alnwick de lux 92
Alnwick de lux 92
Alnwick de lux 92
Alnwick de lux 92
Alnwick Rum
Alnwick Rum

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It is believed that Alnwick Rum was first blended at Alnwick Brewery during the First World War. Thereafter, once the govt. began introducing punitive duty to the industry, it became financially unsound to continue manufacturing the rum on the brewery premises. Over subsequent years various bonded warehouses around the country were used for the complicated blending process. As is the case today, the duty only became payable once the rum left these warehouses.

Alnwick Rum Company was first registered by my father (John Linsley) as a limited company in 1966. At this time it operate under the auspices of Alnwick Brewery Company Limited, where began trading in the 1860’s. Alnwick Brewery Company was registered as limited company with the introduction of the Companies Act of 1890.

Alnwick Brewery and the rum company were taken over by Drybroughs Brewery in July 1978. Alnwick Brewery ceased trading in 1986 by which time the rum company had already lapsed.

After my father’s death in April 2001 among his papers were found the oldest rum recipes (gifted to him by his fellow directors during the late 60’s early 70’s) which served as the inspiration to revive a once thriving concern.

Having already unsuccessfully attempted to acquire the limited company some time earlier I was delighted to find it had become available at the beginning of 2003. I was then able to acquire and re-register Alnwick Rum Company Limited and the appropriate URLS: and

Thus began the complicated process of finding a suitable blender to revive the product. Once sought I was then in position to recreate the finest of rums, which is based on the original recipes.

[Die Quelle: Ian Linsley, owner of Alnwick Rum Company Limited, cit. 2003]

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uk260: Alnwick; Fine Old Blend of Guyana & Jamaica Rums; Vatted Rum; 70 proof; 26 2/3 fl ozs; 75.7 cl; Alnwick Rum Co. Ltd., Alnwick; Rum

uk350: Alnwick de lux 92 Vatted Rum; 92° Proof; Produce of West Indies; Alnwick Rum Co. Ltd., Alnwick

uk262: Alnwick de lux 92 Vatted Rum; 75 cl; 52.5% vol; Fine old Blend of Guyana & Jamaica Rums; Alnwick Rum Co. Ltd., Alnwick

uk263: The Legendary... Alnwick Rum; Vatted Rum; A Fine old Blend of Guyana & Jamaica Rums; 70 cl; Alnwick Rum Co. Ltd., Alnwick; 43% vol

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