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British Royal Navy Imperial Rum - Castle Brands (former Great Spirits Company) (us_17)
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British Royal Navy Imperial Rum (us_17)

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Sea Wynde - Castle Brands (former Great Spirits Company) (us_18)
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Sea Wynde (us_18)

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Founded in 1997 by Mark Edwin Andrews.

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British Royal Navy Imperial Rum

The British had a centuries-long tradition of serving rum on board Royal Navy ships. First served to English sailors in Jamaica in 1655, this unique spirit, created for use by His Majesty’s armed forces, was a mainstay of British naval life for over 300 years. Over the years, the consumption of rum in the Royal Navy evolved, but remained an important part of the sailor’s experience.

By the early 1900s, the ration had been reduced to one-eighth of a pint, and the emphasis was on quality not quantity. The daily ritual: at six bells, the boatswain’s whistle signaled “Up Spirits” and the crew assembled for their daily “tot” (as the ration was called). The rum was poured into a special bowl inscribed to the King and tots were dispensed with great ceremony.

The daily ration was suspended on July 31, 1970 - known as Black Tot Day - which was observed with solemnity and sadness as the end of a cherished era. Since then, the final stores of this special rum have been reserved for important naval and Royal functions. It was last served by the Crown at Prince Andrew’s wedding.

Great Spirits owns the final stores of British naval rum, and is tremendously pleased to offer this truly prestigious historical treasure to rum connoisseurs. By special exception, BRNIR is available in its original Imperial gallon containers. Measuring 4.54 liters, the demijohns are handmade ceramic jars, many encased in hand-woven wicker baskets designed to transport well on the high seas.

British Royal Navy Imperial Rum celebrates the spirit of adventure, honor, and bravery on the high seas.

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New York, N.Y., February 2, 2004 - Mark Andrews, CEO, Great Spirits Company, a New York based concern, announced today that GSC was merging with Ireland’s Roaring Water Bay Spirits Company to form Castle Brands, Inc. The merger is effective immediately. Mr. Andrews will be the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Castle Brands.

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Castle Brands was founded in 1998 by Mark Andrews, who continues to serve as the Chairman of its Board of Directors.

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us_17: British Royal Navy Imperial Rum

us_18: Sea Wynde

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