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Cachaca SR Comum -  Fazenda Santa Rosa (br_157)
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Cachaca SR Comum

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Cachaca SR Comum Oro

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Cachaca SR Special Reserve -  Fazenda Santa Rosa (br_159)
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Cachaca SR Special Reserve

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"Santa Rosa da Cachoeira" was founded by the couple Joaquim Marques da Silva and Faustina Angélica de Moura, who become in few years successful farmers in the neighborhoods of just established village of Valença. Marques da Silva had many children. After his death the widow and the inheriting children sold the farm to diverse people.

In 1839, the Santa Rosa was bought by Eleutério Delfim da Silva. Eleutério extended the coffee plantations and acquired more land, making to grow his property. Beyond the coffee, the Fazenda Santa Rosa produced everything. Cassava sugar, algodao, maize, flour and aguardente are its products until the current days.

Eleutério was an ambitious man, he invested in everything he had in his property, or he could obtain, however, his farm was mortgaged. In 1852 became Santa Rosa the propertety of his creditor Joao Pereira Darrigue Faro - future Visconde do Rio Bonito. He sold it in the same year to Antônio Vieira Machado. Antônio Vieira Machado, deriving of Paty do Alferes second lieutenant, became rich because of the coffee. He built in the year 1856 the greatest and most beautiful residence of the city Valença. When Machado died his heirs were not able to finish such workmanship.

In 1858 they sold the farm to the future Comendador Manoel Antônio Rodrigues Guiao, also already established with farm in the neighborhood. Comendador Guiao managed the farm until hits death in 1872, when the coffee started to decline slowly. The widow, Dona Íria Umbelina Vieira Guiao, with still lesser children, managed the farm with difficulties. Bogged in debts and with the mortgaged farms, she had to let it to the main creditor, trader Vito Pentagna. In 1871 Aguardente de Cana Santa Rosa apeared.

Nicolau, Vito and Caetano Pentagna came from San Giovanni Di Piro, province of Salermo - Italia to Brazil in the end of the 19. century. In Valença they where established with great commercial house. In little time they were the strongest traders of the city. Vito decided to become a farmer, and became one of the most advanced farmers of the city.

Vito Pentagna died in 1914. The widow, Dona Urbana de Castro Pentagna, passed the administration of the farm to the children Savério and Humberto de Castro Pentagna. They were succeeded by children and grandsons, in whose ownership the farm remains until today.

[Die Quelle: Website der Gesellschaft, zitiert 2002]


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br_157: Cachaca SR Comum

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