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Ronera Matusalem, Santiago de Cuba


I exhibit 2 of the 4 labels of my collection. Other labels differ only in details. Undisplayed labels are variations with minor differences.

Rum labels

Ron Palmas -  Ronera Matusalem, Santiago de Cuba (cu_43)
Ron Palmas

Ron Palmas

Carta Blanca -  Ronera Matusalem, Santiago de Cuba (cu_50)
Carta Blanca

Carta Blanca

Ron Matusalem -  Ronera Matusalem, Santiago de Cuba (cu29)
Ron Matusalem

Ron Matusalem

89 x 126 mm (3.5" x 5")
Ron Matusalem Extra Viejo -  Ronera Matusalem, Santiago de Cuba (cu38)
Ron Matusalem Extra Viejo

Ron Matusalem Extra Viejo

107 x 121 mm (4.2" x 4.8")


The company started by the Camp brothers in 1872 as a family affair. It was originally called Camp & Brothers, S.A. Around 1912 Benjamin Camp moved back to Spain, from there on the company was in the hands of his brother Eduardo and Evaristo Álvarez. Eventually, one of the daughters of Evaristo Álvarez married the son of Eduardo Camp.

In the early 1900's the son of Evaristo, Claudio Álvarez LeFebre entered the company. The corporate name was then changed to Álvarez Camp & Co. The "new" Cuban rum rapidly caught on in the world's markets.

In the early 1940's Claudio Álvarez LeFebre's only son, Claudio Álvarez Soriano, joined the firm. His hard work and outstanding administrative skills earned him the respect of workers and competitors alike. From here on, the company experienced a period of tremendous growth and by the 1950's it had already captured 50% of the Cuban market.

Matusalem was the leading rum sold in Cuba. At the beginning of the year 1956 died Claudio Álvarez LeFebre and six months later Claudio Álvarez Soriano, too. That same year starts the guerrilla war against President Fulgencio Batista. By 1960 the Álvarez family, the company and the country were utterly changed - forever. It was the end of an era.

United States
In 1961 was established Matusalem & Co in U.S.A.

Here are full texts from the labels

cu_43: 1885 - 1985; Ronera Matusalem; Los Marinos; Combinado de Bebidas; Ron Palmas; Paticruzado; Santiago de Cuba; RM; Combinado de Bebidas, Santiago de Cuba; 38° GL; Precio S 10.80 + envase; 0.750 L

cu_50: Ron Matusalem Carta Blanca; Santiago de Cuba

cu29: Genuino Ron Cubano; 0,750 L; 40°; Ron Matusalem Anejo; Funda en 1872; comb. Bebidas Santiago de Cuba, Garzon No. 357, Stgo. de Cuba, Ronera Matusalem; Santiago de Cuba; NC 83-05; Ron de exquisito bouquet, propio de materials primas seleccionadas y adecuado anejamiento en un ambiente climatico favorable y unico.

cu38: Ron Matusalem Extra viejo; 1872; G - 40; Destilado y Embotellado por Empresa de Bebidas y Licores, Santiago de Cuba; Hecho en Cuba; Analizado por el Laboratorio Quimico nacional del Departamento de Sanidad. Certifica: Que es producto exclusivo de la cana y libre de sustancias nocivas ala salud.

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