Distillerie Chelo, Saint Michel de l'Attalaye


Clarin Sajous -  Distillerie Chelo, Saint Michel de l'Attalaye (ht_19)
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Clarin Sajous (ht_19)

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North of Port-au-Prince, in the Saint Michel de l’Attalaye, Michel Sajous built the distillery in the same place where his family has lived since 1960. The small distillery is located in the middle of the plantation of 30 hectares, planted with different varieties of cane prominent among which is the crystal, the last canes à bouche allowed in the AOC Rhum Martinique Agricole, and still cultivated by Neisson. Here, too, the cultivation is absolutely organic. The extract is then concentrated cane juice with the steam produced with the bagasse, and the resulting syrup can be stored before fermentation for more than a year.

The Clairin produced is the result of the distillation of a mash of whole cane syrup, and not molasses; no sugar is produced. This is the technique used by well no less than 432 distilleries, and is the most common in order to distil all year round.

The Chelo distillery sells locally and also sends its produce to Port-au-Prince, in 60-gallon drums (one gallon equals 3.75 litres).


Michel Sajous

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ht_19: Clarin Sajous; Rhum pur jus de canne; Village: Saint Michel de l'Attalaye; Recolte: 2015; Cane a sucre: Cristalline; Fermentation: Pur jus de canne levures sauvages; Distillation: Discontinue en pot still; Distillateur: Michel Sajous; Pot still proof; Produit totalement naturel; 51.0% vol; Distillerie Chelo, Saint Michel de l'Attalaye, Haiti; 70 cl e

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